Julia Wójcik was born on 13 February 2007 in Bochnia,  Poland. She started playing the piano when she was 7 years old. She studies piano with the piano teacher Iwona Poplawska – Zimowska in Music School in Sobolow.


She was awarded in following competitions:

  • VIII International Piano Competition „Broumovska Klavesa“  in Broumov, Czech Republic (1st prize)
  • IX International Piano Competition „Young Virtuoso“ in Sanok, Poland  (1st prize)
  • XVI International Piano Competition in Gӧrlitz, Germany (2nd prize and the main prize)
  • XXXIX International Piano Competition „ Virtuosi per musica di pianoforte“ in Usti, Czech Republic (3rd prize)
  • XXI International Piano Competition „ Klavirna Orava Klary Havlikowej“ in Dolni Kubin, Slovakia (2nd prize)
  • XIX international Competition „My Music Inspiration“ in Nałęczów (1st prize)
  • I National Piano Competition in Trzciana (1st prize)
  • XX National Piano Competition  in the name of I. J. Paderewski in Tuchów  (1st prize)
  • National Piano Competition „Young Pianist’s Forum“ in the name of Getruda Konatkowa  in Poznań (1st prize)
  • V National Piano Competition „Little Pianist“ in Myślenice (1st prize)
  • II National Piano Competition in the name of I. Kużma in Cracow (2nd prize)
  • I Piano Competition „Piano e Forte“ in Wieliczka (GRAND PRIX)
  • X Piano Competition in Lubaczów (1st  prize)
  • Piano Competition in Kolbuszowa (1st prize)
  • Piano Competition in Skawina (1st prize)
  • Piano Competition „Children’s Interepretation“ in Tarnobrzeg (1st prize)
  • Piano Competition in Dębica (3rd prize)


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