Ahsen Mehovic Classical Guitarist

Ahsen Mehovic.jpg


Ahsen Mehovic was born 1994 in Sarajevo. At the age of 9 he makes his first touches with guitar at Primary Music School under Zana Babic Arapovic. Then he continued his education in High Music School under Bosko Jovic. Since 2013 he is studying Classical Guitar Performance and Pedagogy at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna under the tutelage of Alexander Swete.

Ahsen has achieved a great deal of success in various competitions winning more than 20 international prizes in Slovenia, Germany, Bulgaria, Greece, etc. He had opportunity to play in various Chamber Ensembles with his Duo Bonheur with violin and Guitar Trio Afinado as well with European Union Youth Orchestra and he performed in many European countries. He has participated in various Festival as well as Jazz meets Classic and Sarajevska Zima and was invited to close the Festival Gitarre amBach together with his Professor Swete. He had his debut in Wiener Konzerthaus in 2016.

For his Special Achivements and Talent he became an Award from the Ministry of Education of the Sarajevo City and from the Institute for Strings Instruments of the University of Music in Vienna. He recorded a documentary Hero of the Street and he has appeared in numerous radio and television productions. He is a scholar of the Anny Felbermayer Fund and the Swiss Fund and since 2015 he is the guitar teacher at the Music School in Vienna.

He received high praise for his performances from the critics and audiences alike:

„His playing is full of intensity and passion“ – Südkurier, Germany

„He has infatuated his soul with the pieces, a dream guitarist“ – Vorarlberger Nachrichten, Austria

Ahsen plays guitar made by Lukas Giefing and uses strings by Savarez and D’addario.

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