Cinnamon Duo Poland

Cinnamon DuoCinnamon Duo

was founded in 2015
The team consists of Wiktoria Wasiak and Kamil Borsuk.
 Both of them were born in Szczecin in Poland in 2003.
They both learn to play the accordion at a music school.
Despite the short duration of the band, Cinnamon Duo has already achieved many significant achievements at international, national and regional accordion competitions


XXXXI International Accordion  Competition 27/04/2016 – 30/04/2016 Pula Croatia
VIII International Music  Competition 03.06.2016 Goritz Germany
Concours International du Mont-Dore „les Etoiles Sancyberie”,24/04/2017-27/04/2017 Le Mont-Dore, France
Tomaz Holmar International Music Competition, 18/05/2017-21/05/2017 Malborhetto, Italy
VIII International  Music Competition 24.06.2017 Goritz Germany
International Accordion  Days in Prague 04/11/2017 Prague Czech Republic
I XXXXIII International Accordion  Competition 25/04/2018 – 28/04/2018 Pula Croatia
IX International Music Competition 2010 09/05/201/ Belgrad Serbia
School Competition of Chamber Ensembles 06/02/2017-12/12/2016 Szczecin, Poland


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