Kamil Borsuk Accordion Poland

Kamil Borsuk is a Class 2 student in the National Music Schools group in Szczecin. He learns to play the accordion in the class of  Bogdan Górnik. Since the beginning of his musical education, Kamil has been fascinated by the musical and technical possibilities of accordion. His playing is characterized by an extraordinary virtuosity, lightness and incredible sense of  time and form in the works performed by him. The interpretation and design of the music played by Kamil is balanced and mature and arouses admiration of the audience and eminent authorities. Kamil is very much up and coming accordion talent  eager to perform and give his contribution in various local concert facilities of Szczecin .

Despite the short period of learning to play KAMIL BORSUK ACCORDION COMPETITION.JPGthe instrument, Kamil already has a number of notable achievements in international, national and regional accordion competitions.

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