Radosław Goździkowski

Radosław Goździkowski.jpg – Pianist was born in 1997. He began learning piano at the age of six at
the Ignacy Jan Paderewski School of Music in Konin. His first teacher was Andrzej Wójciński. He
graduated with honours from Fryderyk Chopin Secondary School of Music in Cracow in 2016. He
is currently a third-year student at the Academy of Music in Krakow, studying with Professor
Andrzej Pikul.
He has won prizes in many piano competitions, including the
first prize in the 10th International Music Competition in Belgrade (2019),
first prize in the 1st all-Poland Józef Hofmann Piano Competition in Cracow (2018),
second prize in the 27th International Chopin Piano Competition in Roma (2017),
third place in the 11th Adilia Alieva Piano Competition in Geneva-Annemasse (2017),
first prize in the 1st All-Poland Competition for Young Pianist ‘Chopin at Wawel’ in Cracow (2015),
third place and special award for the best performance of a French piece of music in the 6th
International Chopin Piano Competition in Budapest (2014),
first place in the 26th International Competition for Soloists and Chamber Groups in L’Alfŕs del Pi
first place in the All-Poland Apolinary Szeluto Piano Festival in Słupca (2011),
first place in the 9th International Juliusz Zarębski Piano Competition in Warsaw (2009).
Radosław has had the opportunity and privilege to study with esteemed pianists such as Dmitri
Bashkirov, Aquiles Delle Vigne, Tatiana Zelikman, Dmitri Alexeev, Andrzej Jasiński, Michael
Wessel, Stanislav Pochekin, Guillermo Gonzalez, Mariola Cieniawa-Puchała, Jerzy Godziszewski
all improving his skills with the piano.
He has performed in Poland and abroad in Austria, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Scotland, Hungary.
He is a recipient of scholarships from the Polish Children’s Fund, the Pro Musica Bona Foundation
and the Małopolska Region Sapere Auso Foundation.


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