Duo Divites Marta Danilkovich Vladimir Bodunov

Duo Divites.jpg

Vladimir Bodunov  -Violinist, Composer, Arranger

Marta Danilkovich -Violinist, Composer



Duo Divites (which in Latin ‘divites’ means rich), impresses audiences and trade press with a rich, emotional and intense sound, through virtuosity and synchronicity.  Duo Divites not only feels at home in classical repertoire, but unique arrangements makes this duo special and extraordinary.  One experiences the interaction of the two musicians quite revolutionary, for the reason that the duo brings something completely new and innovative to the stage.  The programs of the two violin virtuosos are based exclusively on their own arrangements and compositions with which the musically well-rehearsed couple experiments in practice and develop together in the course of more than ten years of interaction.  This opens up new horizons and technical solutions that break through the usual stereotypes.  The concert arrangements developed by Vladimir Bodunov are published by the renowned music publisher Bärenreiter and the scores are sold sucessfully around the world, averaging over a 1,000 books annually.  The arrangements are received enthusiastically by trade press and musicians alike.



Violinist Marta Danilkovich is a native of Minsk, Belarus, born in 1985.  She began her violin studies at the age of six with Professor Zhuk.  Additional studies followed with Professors Kalinovskaya and Fuchs at the Belarusian State Academy of Music in Minsk.  In 2008 she participated with her own student string quartet at the Festival of Young Artists Bayreuth.  Marta won top prize at the Oginsky International Chamber Music Competition, with the string quartet in 2009.



Vladimir Bodunov was born in 1981 in Mogilev, Belarus.  He began his violin studies at the age of six with Professor Rodov.  In 1990, at the age of nine, Vladimir was a member of an ensemble playing solo violin, they performed Belarusian folk music in Germany, in which most notably the Vice-Chancellor of Germany was present.  At thirteen he played solo violin with an orchestra in a violin concerto by composer A. Khachaturian.


When he was twelve he began to compose music.  Since then he has actively participated in composition competitions and has won prizes.  His compositions were broadcast on television in Belarus and he received a presidential scholarship to promote talented young people in the international music competition Music of the Hope 1998, Mogilev Composer Competition 2000, International Semenyako Composition Competition 2000 and the Belarus Composer Competition in 2004.  In 2000 as an entrance examination requirement at the Belarusian State Academy of Music, Vladimir performed his own composition, Reflection and Conclusion for violin and piano.  From 2006 to 2009 he was a part of a famed folk-rock group called Pesnyary as a solo violinist.  The group was renowned throughout the Soviet Union, where they performed in the largest venues, stadiums and tv stations, giving over 100 concerts a year.



Vladimir, with his wife Marta Danilkovich, became a violin duo, Duo Divites in 2009.  He arranges original compositions for two violins, their trademark and they perform them regularly in concert.  As the founder of The Violin Drivers, together with Marta, Vladimir is violinist, composer and the ‘singing saw’ player.  In this project, his own original music spans numerous genres.  In 2009 Vladimir was the founder of the Pan-Quartet, consisting of two violins, clarinet and cello.  More than once, their performances have been broadcast on local media television.  They’ve received state-level support, repeated broadcasting on television and a contract with the Ministry of Justice.  In a five year time period, Pan-Quartet has played at close to 4,000 celebration events.



Since 2013, Vladimir and his wife Marta Danilkovich have been residing in Germany as freelance musicians.  They were invited to work at the Antagon Theater in Frankfurt as musicians and composers.  Since 2016, Vladimir and Marta annually play over 100 gigs, mostly as soloists or as members of a duo, trio or of chamber ensembles.”

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