Natalia Wojciechowska


Natalia Wojciechowska


She started learning to play the violin at the age of seven in the Witold Lutosławski’s State Primary Music School in Zambrów under the supervision of MA Beata Stankiewicz. She is currently a student of the second grade music school in Łomża. She successfully represents the school in numerous competitions.

She is the winner of the second place of the VIII Warmian-Masurian Youth Violin Festival in Olsztyn in 2012, and the first place in the IX Warmian-Masurian Young Violin Festival in Olsztyn in 2014, 1st place – Grand Prix in the IX Competition in Grajewo, 2nd place in the VI National Violin Competition “Master of Children’s Literature – Oskar Rieding” in Warsaw in 2013 and the second place in the 1st National Violin Miniature Competition in Warsaw in 2014, 1st place in the First National Violin Competition in Lublin in 2014. In 2015, together with the accordion band, she won the second place in the VII National Festival of Accordion Chamber Groups in Stalowa Wola. She won the second prize in the 3rd International Violin Competition “Vivaldi 337” and the 5th prize in the XIX International Competition “Talents for Europe” in Kubin Dolny (Slovakia). 30/05/2015 “Mali dziś, duże jutro” competition 1st prize in the B group violin category, 1st place in the VII National Violin Competition “Children’s Literature Master – Oskar Rieding” in Warsaw in 2015. In 2016, 4th place in the XI All-Poland Violin Competition of Aleksander Januszajtis, Third prize in the X National Violin Meetings of Professor M. Ławrynowicz, 3rd prize in the IV National Violin Festival in Kielce and second place in the XX International Competition “Talents for Europe” in Kubin Dolny (Slovakia), 3rd place in the VII International Violin Competition. J. Garści in Stalowa Wola, 1st place in the XVII International Competition “My Musical Inspirations” Nałęczów, Grand Prix in the X Warmian-Masurian Young Violinist competition in Olsztyn, 1st prize in the XIV International Independent Music Competition “Individualis” in Ukraine, 2nd place in I National Competition of J. Kaliszewska in Poznań and 2nd prize in the International Violin competition in Vilnius, Lithuania. In 2017 4th place at the VII International Meeting of Young Violinists of Professor M. Ławrynowicz in Płock, 2nd place in the Fourth National Violin Competition in Toruń, 1st place and the prize for the best participant in the Micka Competition in Prague (Czech Republic), 3rd place at the International String Instruments Competition in Elbląg and 1st place in the 59th International Violin Competition Kocianovo Usto in Usti nad Orlicí (Czech Republic).
In 2018, Natalia Wojciechowska won the first place in the 14th National Forum of Young Instrumentalists in Rybnik, third place in the 5th National Violin Festival in Kielce, second prize in the 22nd international competition “Talents for Europe” them. Bohdan Warchala in Dolny Kubin (Slovakia), 1st place in “International Music Competition” Belgrade, Serbia, 1st prize in 2 Ilona Feher International Violin Competition in Budapest and 1st place in the International Music Competition. Juliusz Zarębski in Łomianki.

In 2017, Natalia became a laureate of a scholarship named “Young Poland” funded by the Minister of Culture and National Heritage.

The student gave concerts at the Royal Castle in Warsaw ( 2013, 2015, 2018). In 2014-2018, she played as a soloist with the Łomża Chamber Orchestra. In 2016, she gave concerts in the Church of Saint. Catherine in Vilnius in Lithuania, Polish Embassy in Prague, she also made a recording at the Czech Radio in Prague.

She improves her skills in the field of solo and chamber music by participating in International Music Courses in Łańcut, Kołobrzeg, Bałoszyce, Żychlin and National Music Workshops in Łomża.


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