Yunji Lee

Yunjı Lee.jpg



Name: Yunji Lee

Busan  South Korea

Nationality: Republic of Korea (South Korea)

Date of Birth: 17 October 1984     Place of Birth: Busan, Korea


03.1997 – 02.2000 Middle School of Arts Peniel

03.2000 – 02.2003 Highschool of Arts Busan

03.2003 – 02.2007 Bachelor at Seoul National University

10.2007 – 07.2013 Diplom at Musikhochschule Hannover (Germany)

04.2015 – 09.2016 Master at Musikhochschule Münster(Germany)

10.2016-  03.2019 Konzertexamen at Musikhochschule Münster


1996 1. Prize  Sportsseoul competition

1999 3. Prize  Korea Society of Musik Education competition

2001 3. Prize  Yewon University competition

2001 3. Prize  Shinra University competition

2006 3. Prize  Nanpa Music competition

2019 2. Prize  V. Horowitz in memoriam international piano competition

2019 2. Prize IMKA international music competition


Recital in Seoul and Busan, at concert hall in Hannover, at concert hall in Musikhochschule Münster and in evagelische Kirche Wolbeck, Lackmuseum in Münster


prof. Hie yon choi, prof. Hee sung joo, prof. Wolfgang Manz, Julia Goldstein, Prof. Arkadi Zenziper

Study with Prof. Peter von Wienhardt, Prof. Erika Lux, Prof. SookRyun Park, Hesung Min

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