Zuzanna Bonarska

ZuzannaBonnarska.jpg (born in 2003) is a third class student of National Music School of Polnad, Suwałki (second level). She is in a few students group, who are the most talented in a young generation of musicians. Since she was a child she won many guitar competions in Poland and internationals. She has music sensitivity and skills in creating her own music style which let her to impress some of the most famous music authorities. As a proof for Zuzanna involvment  is developing her own guitar skills and increasing repertoire. Zuzanna take part in many courses, masters lessons etc., which let her guitar knowladge to still raiseing. 


The most important victories of Zuzanna’s music carrier:

Distinction in National Music competition CEA (Inowrocław, Poland 2019)*Zuzanna was the youngest member of this competition

Distinction in National Guitar competition in Kielce, Poland 2019 (recommended by Culture Department of Poland)

2nd place in National Guitar competition (Radom,Poland 2019)

3rd place in International Guitar competition (Trzęsacz, Poland 2019)

1st place in National Guitar competition  (Dobczyce, Poland 2016)

Distinction in International Guitar competition (Czech Republic, 2017)

1st  place in National Guitar competiton (Chełm, Poland 2018)

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