Małgorzata Piekarska

Małgorzata Piekarska

Małgorzata comes from a family of musical tradition.  She was born in 2001 in Koszalin, Poland,whereshebeganstudying the violinat the age of six. At eightyearsold, she wonherfirstviolincompetition.

Małgorzata is a laureateof morethan20 national and internationalviolincompetitions and auditionsreceiving, amongothers the Award of the Director of the ArtisticEducation Centreseveraltimes.Shehasperformed in numerousfestivalconcerts as a soloist and chambermusician, aboveall in the EMANACJE Festivalat Krzysztof Penderecki European Center for Music.  Sheparticipatedin many master classes, wheresheimprovedherskillsunder the supervision of Prof. Małgorzata Skorupa,Prof. Bartosz Bryła, Prof. Jan Stanienda andDr Agata Szymczewska.

For herartisticachievements,Małgorzatais a multiplegranteeof theScholarship of the Marshal of West Pomerania.Miss Piekarska alsoengagesherself in numerouscharityevents by performing atcharityauctions for disabledchildrenandconcertsfor senior citizens.Shestudiesunder Katarzyna Baj-Gustaw at Grażyna BacewiczMusic School in Koszalin, Poland.


Małgorzata Piekarska Poland

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