Gokay Ozgur

IMG_9363Gokay Ozgur was born in 1998 in Bursa, Turkey. He started his professional music career by playing the baglama. After completing middle school, he was selected to attend Zeki Muren Art High School (Zeki Muren Guzel Sanatlar Lisesi), through an entrance exam by which his musical talent was evaluated by a selection committee.

At the age of 15, he started his first piano lessons with Zeynep Ozer at Zeki Muren. Next, he studied with Yildiz Aslanova. In 2017, he graduated from high school and ranked first place in his graduating class and entire school. In the same year, he earned the right to attend Mimar Sinan University, State Conservatoire (Mimar Sinan Universitesi, Devlet Konservatuari), by placing first in the entrance exam.

While attending Minar Sinan University, Gokay participated in master’s classes taught by famous pianists, such as Gokhan Aybulus, Ibrahim Yazici, Prof. Catrina Vickers, Prof. Alfredo Peri, and Prof. John Rink. During this time, Gokay also gave piano concerts in Istanbul, Canakkale, Kutahya, Bursa and Kosovo in 2018. He ranked third in the Istanbul Pera International Piano Competition and third in the Izmir Mozart Academy Piano Competition. He continued his achievements in competitions, recently (February 2019), he received the first-place award in the Azerbaijan Caspi Art Competition,  Honor award in The Muse International Music Competition and second-place award in Grand Virtuoso International Music Competition “ Vienna”

Currently, Gokay is continuing his studies under the tutelage of Prof. Gulden Goksen at Mimar Sinan University, State Conservatoire.

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