Barbara Michalik

Barbara Michalik is 17 years old from Swarzedz, near Poznan. She attends music school in Poznań and play the flute.
She started her education at the Cathedral General Primary Music School in the flute class of Lidia Abucewicz. After six years, she began next level of education – at the Secondary Music School Mieczysław Karłowicz in Poznań, in the flute class of Dorota Karaniewicz-Biedny.
She has been a scholarship holder of the National Children’s Fund (KFnRD) since 2017. The fund gives her support and participation in various music courses. Last year she was invited to the Chamber Bands Workshop at the Krzysztof Penderecki European Music Center in Lusławice. Also this year she took part in this event. The Fund also organizes music concerts. A beautiful experience for her was the concert at the Royal Castle in Warsaw.
She takes part in many flute competitions, both nationwide and international, where she receives top prizes and awards.
However, playing the flute is not just about courses and competitions. She loves playing in music bands. She plays in the School Symphony Orchestra and in the Big Band. She is always happy to take part in various music events, such as: International Music Day, Musical Meetings, in charity concerts and many, many others.
Last year, in recognition of her artistic achievements, She received a scholarship from the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage “Young Poland” for the purchase of flute. The new instrument, enabled her to develop further. She improved her playing skills throughout the workshop and music courses further .
Flute is definitelly her life passion.

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