Ivarine Kanthamanond (Alice)

Ivarine Kanthamanond (Alice), from Bangkok, Thailand,
is now 10 years old. She currently a fifth-grade student.
She enjoyed many kinds of music instruments such as
Piano, Traditional Thai Instruments, Flute and Violin. She
has won numerous competitions including Gold Prize of
American Protégé Music Talent Competition (USA) and be
invited to perform at Carnegie Hall in year 2022, 1 st of
King’s Peak Music Competition (USA), Gold Prize of
Grand Metropolitan Music Competition (Canada), Gold
Prize from London Young Musician Contest Season 4, 1 st
Prize of Rocky Mountain Music Competition-Spring 2021
(Canada), 1 st Prize of the Euro Kids Winter International
Contest (Italy), 1 st Prize from Magic Muse International
Online Competition (Russia). Moreover, Second Prize
from I Kyoto International Music Competition (Japan),
Silver Medal from Canadian International Music
Competition. Also, Silver Prize from South East Asia Piano
Competition. Currently, she participates in an orchestra as
a Violinist. Also, she is a part of the wind band for Flute
instrument. She has a showcase several times in Thailand
for her music Instruments. She loves to play music

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