Leon Klimiuk

Leon Klimiuk from Poland was born in 2007 in Warsaw, Poland.
A student of class 2 of G. Bacewicz Secondary State Music School No. 3 in Warsaw.
Since the age of five he has been studying the clarinet with Professor Jerzy Czyran.
Clarinet is Leon’s great passion and idea for life.
He is a laureate of many national and international competitions:
♪ 1st prize at the 3rd International Wind Instrument Competition (IWIC) in Warsaw (2016),
where he played with a chamber orchestra in stage 3
♪ 2nd place at the 9th National Competition ” Little or Big Virtuoso” in Warsaw (2016)
♪ 3rd place at the 10th National Wind Instrument Competition “Jupiter” in Krakow (2016)
♪ 2nd place at the 12th Clarinet Festival in Piotrkow Trybunalski (2017)
♪ 1st place at the 11th National Competition “Small or big virtuoso” in Warsaw (2018)
♪ 1st place at the 1st B. Strava and F. Krzeminski Competition of Wind Instruments in Lublin
♪ 2nd place at the 17th International Interpretative Competition of Playing the Woodwind
Instruments “Pro Bohemia” in Ostrava (2018)
♪ 1st place at the 13th Clarinet Festival in Piotrkow Trybunalski and ♪ 2nd place in the
Clarinet Trio (2019)
♪ 1st place at the 2nd B. Strava and F. Krzeminski Competition of Wind Instruments in Lublin

♪ two honorable mentions at the CEA Regional Auditions in Siedlce and Warsaw (2017 and
♪ 1st place at the 12th WORLD OPEN Online Music Competition in Belgrade (2021)
♪ 1st place at King’s Peak International Classical Music Competition in the USA (2021)
♪ 1st place at the “IMKA” Internet Music & Dance Competition (2021).
Leon performed many times as a soloist and in the Clarinet Trio during chamber concerts at
the New World of Music and Chopin Salon, at the Royal Castle, at the Warsaw Centre of
Cultural Education, Cultural Promotion Centre at “Afternoon Tea with Chamber Music”,
National Folk Dance and Song Review, Wolski Cultural Centre, International Forum for
Young Musicians in Warsaw, as well as during the Conference at the Silesian University in
Katowice. He has also performed with a first level orchestra.
Currently he performs as a soloist, in a chamber ensemble and in a second level orchestra.
He is regularly preparing for new competitions and concerts.
Since 2019 Leon has been a scholar of the program for exceptionally talented children of the
National Fund for Children.

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