Marta Gocel

My name is Marta Gocel, I come from Poland and I am 19 years old. I attend a music school in Radom. I started my adventure with the violin at the age of 7. Everyone advised me to change the instrument because it is difficult and hard to achieve anything on it, but I knew from the beginning that it was supposed to be a violin. I often take part in special music courses and masterclass conducted by professors from all over Poland. Winning the IMKA competition is my first great achievement. I plan to develop my career and  soon achieve scucess in the nearest future.
My life is full of practice and joyful moments connected with playing. I remeber a funny moment which happend short before my performance. I was about to perform on the stage and I was waiting impatiently on backstage I put my bow on a chair. Suddelny, my friend came in and she unfortunately sat on that chair. We were both terrified as it turned out that my bow was broken and I had only 3 minutes to perform

Marta Gocel Violin

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