Jakob Žnidaršič Guitar

Jakob Žnidaršič is a 13-year old Slovenian pupil of classical guitar, based in Postojna.

He has preformed several performances.

In 2017 he participated in the international guitar competition in Krško, Slovenija. He won the 1. prize.

A year later (2018) he took a part in the national guitar competition where he won the 1. prize.

Since the beginning of his music education he has been a permanent member of a guitar ensemble named (called) HARMONIJA (means Harmony).

Jakob Žnidaršič regulary attends music seminars and festivals in Slovenia, namely:

  • Summer guitar seminar in Črnomelj
  • Summer International guitar festival in Postojna

In addition to playing classical giutar, he likes to play modern music (rock and pop)with electric guitarsand he plays bassguitar. He is a member of a brass band in Cerknica, Slovenija,playing bass guitar. He also loves to dance.

His guitar professor is Mrs. Nataša Črnugelj (Postojna MusicSchool) from the very beginning.

He always says that hey have established a special mutual respect and trust that leads to better knowledge.


He would like to continue his musiceducation, first at theMusicconservartory in Ljubljana and later at the Academy of Music, either at home or abroad.

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