Małgorzata Makarewicz Violin

Małgorzata Makarewicz was born in 1999 in Suwałki, Poland. She started playing the violin
at the age of 5 at the National Music School in Suwałki which she graduated with the highest
grade. Currently she is a student of the last year of her bachelor’s degree at the Chopin
University of Music in Warsaw in professor Andrzej Gębski’s and Gwidon Ciężarek’s violin

She participated and was awarded in many competitons, the most important were:
 ‌Distinction at the III National Competition „Violin’s talents” in Poznań, Poland (2019)
 ‌Distinction at the North International Music Competition (spring 2020)
 ‌2nd place at the Muse 2020 International Competition
 ‌Participant of the 10th National Zdzisław Jahnke Violin Competition in Poznań
She played concerts in many national and foreign concert halls:
 ‌The Witold Lutosławski Concert Studio
 ‌National Opera House in Warsaw
 ‌The Felix Nowowiejski Philharmonic Concert Hall
 ‌Tour with Łomża Philharmonic via Lithuania
She was a participant of many national and international solo and orchestral courses:
 ‌Zenon Brzewski International Music Courses in Łańcut 2019
 ‌European Music Workshops in Kołobrzeg 2013
 ‌Winter Music Academy in the Lusławice Centre 2018
 ‌Master Courses with Prof. Marcin Baranowski
 ‌Member of the Lutosławski Youth Orchestra in 2018 edition
 ‌Chamber Music Workshops in Szczecin
 ‌National Orchestral Courses in Suwałki
She perfected my skills with such great musicians and professors as: Prof. Magdalena
Rezler‑Niesiołowska, Prof. Krzysztof Jakowicz, Wojciech Koprowski, Grzegorz Skrobiński, Jan
Regulski, Adrian Varela, Michał Francuz. I played under the buton of prime conductors:
Michał Klauza, Basem Akiki, Massimilano Caldi, Tomasz Radziwinowicz, Andrzej Borzym
Junior, Jan Miłosz Zarzycki.
„I love music and that’s the reason I play the violin. Although it causes lots of different
emotions and difficulties I overcome almost every day I believe that dealing with my own
limits helps to develope and open myself. Sometimes it’s not easy for me, so my practice
ends with broken strings…  In my free time I learn philosophy and read psychology

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