Tena Benjak Piano

My name is Tena Benjak and I am a classical pianist from Croatia.
I was nine years old when I started playing the piano. I actually wanted to play the flute but my mom, an amateur pianist, influenced my choice, so I chose the piano! With a lot of effort and hard work I have developed a great love for the piano and classical music. I am so grateful for my primary and secondary school piano teachers who have taught me so much and have always been supportive and patient!
Besides music, I really love other kinds of art too. I like painting, photography, pressing flowers and making pictures of them, reading books, watching good films and TV shows, nice interiors and decorations… My love of art in general is endless and I can’t imagine my life without it.
My pets have a special place in my heart. They fill my daily schedule with love and happiness. Everyone who knows me, knows about my border-collie Floki. I often walk with him and take photos of him. He’s my first pet. Besides Floki, I have eight cats (two grown-up cats and six babies).
Lately, I have found out I am pretty good at cooking, baking cakes and pancakes. One day, in addition to playing music professionally, I would like to open my own pancake house with a cosy terrace full of flowers and a nice view. 
I know I still have a lot of work to do, but I want to enrol at a music academy and teach children about music. I want to introduce them to the wonderful world of classical music and encourage them to hear and feel magic and beauty in it.

Tena Benjak

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