Marta Ossowska Flute

Marta Ossowska was born in 2004 in Gdańsk, Poland. She began her musical education at the age of 9 at the Music School of the 1st degree in Kartuzy in the class of  Anna Baranowska-Bober. Currently, she is a student of Mrs. Małgorzata Dubrowińska-Egielman at the Music School of the 2nd degree in Gdańsk.
She is a laureate of many national and international competitions. Her most important achievements include
1st prize at the 12th Polish Flute Festival in Sieradz (2018)
2nd prize at the 8th Marian Katarzyński Flute Competition in Katowice (2020)
1st prize in the Flute Competition in Gdańsk (2020)
1st place and a special prize at the 6th National Poland Flute Competition in Bielsko-Biała (2021)
2nd prize at the 6th Odin International Music Online Competition (2021)
1st prize at World Open Music Competition (2021)
1st prize at IMKA World Open Music Competition (2021)
 She also developed her skills under the supervision of excellent educators, such as Peter Lukas-Graf, Aldo Baerten, Ginevra Petrucci, Agata Igras, Łukasz Długosz and Lars Asbjørnsen.
 From 2020 she is a scholarship holder of the Polish Children’s Fund. Marta Ossowska

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