Hong Xun Piano

Chinese Pianist Hong Xun won:
First Prize in Brandenburg International Piano Competition, Germany
First Prize in IMKA International Piano Competition,Bosnia and Herzegovina
Second Prize and Honor Mentioned in ISCART International Piano Competition, Swiss
Third Prize in Moscow International Piano Competition, Russia
Third Prize in the Idria International Piano Competition, Slovenia
Solo piano recitals in more than 40 cities in China, Hong Kong, Macau, USA and Europe
Founder/Director of “Ancient Town – Piano Rhythm” International Piano Arts Festival in China
Jury member of Steinway & Sons International Piano Competition, Paderewski International
Piano Competition, Troisdorf International Piano Competition

Hong Xun, born in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China, began his piano studies at the age of 6. His teachers include Luo Hongwei in Hangzhou, Professor Chen Yunjie at the Central
Conservatory of Music in Beijing, and the legendary Israeli piano virtuoso Arie Vardi. As a pianist, Hong Xun has performed solo piano recitals, chamber music, and concerto concerts
in numerous major cities throughout The United States, Europe, and China, including Los Angeles, Rome, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Macau, Harbin, Kunming, Baotou, Zhuhai, Ningbo, and Jinhua. He has performed on many world stages, including the Opera Hall of the
Central Conservatory of Music in Beijing, Wangfu Concert Hall, Munson Chapel Recital Hall in Los
Angeles, the Teatro de Pedro V, Palzzo del Vignola, Macau Gangding Concert Hall, Zhuhai
International Convention and Exhibition Center, Harbin Grand Theatre, Old Hall Concert Hall, Kunming 1903 Theatre, Ningbo, Shaoxing Steinway Piano Concert Hall, and many more. He has
collaborated internationally with artists such as Chen Yunjie, Francesco D’ Ovidio, Christopher
Russell, Joel Clifft, Marek Szpakiewicz, Alexander Russell, Pola Benke, Marcelo Soares and many
others. Hong Xun’s performances have received a great deal of critical acclaim in the classical
music industry, both nationally and internationally, and the following are some of his critical
His performance of Haydn’s Piano Concerto tonight was classical and at the same time very
creative, and undoubtedly lit up the concert today

chinese pianist Hong Xun
  • Argentine pianist, Eduardo Delgado:
    After hearing him (play Bach), I can conclude that he is a pianist with excellent technique
  • Korean pianist, Yong-Joon Jang
    He played (Chopin’s works) with sharp layers, clear breathing and precise intuition
  • Israeli piano legend Arie Vardi

Every listener who has heard him play becomes a witness to his extraordinary technique

  • Ms. Lo Yuen Vai, a famous Macau musician
    Furthermore, he received high praise from Shanghai Music Publishing House’s Music Lover
    magazine in the following review:
    Hong Xun played (the Liszt piano work) with a clean, crisp sound and a natural looseness of
    interpretation that showed his absolute control of this impassioned work from beginning to
    end …… Even though the difficulty increases time and again and the physical strength is
    tested more and more, there is no tendency for this control to diminish …… The carnival
    atmosphere began to spread in the audience, and listeners could not help but leave their
    seats… Hong Xun won first place in the Brandenburg International Piano Competition in Germany in April, 2019. In August 2020, he won the third place prize in the Moscow International Piano
    Competition in Russia. And in March 2021, Hong Xun won third place in the International Piano
    Competition in Idria, Slovenia. Due to his bold charisma on stage, Hong Xun is often featured in the mainstream media in China.
    In 2019, he was included in Baidu’s list of Chinese pianists. In addition, he has been interviewed
    by Macau TV, Macau Daily, Zhejiang TV, Jiaxing TV and Jiaxing Daily. Domestic radio stations have
    invited him as a live guest several times and he has been interviewed by Macau TV, Zhejiang TV, Jiaxing TV and Jiaxing Daily. He has been invited as a live guest by domestic radio stations, and his
    reviews by professional music critics can be found almost everywhere on the Internet. As a piano professional event organizer and participant:
    As an ardent supporter of art festivals, Hong Xun founded the “Ancient Town – Piano Rhythm”
    International Piano Festival in Wuzhen, the permanent venue of the World Internet Conference, once every two years since 2018, inviting artists including Wu Ying, Shao Dan, Chen Yunjie, Li Zhe, Zhou Ting, Zhao Tianying, Antonio Pompa- He is also the resident piano instructor of the
    China-Baotou International Piano Festival and the California Music Education Forum (CIMFEC)
    In the field of piano competitions, Hong Xun has been repeatedly invited to be the guest speaker
    and master class tutor for The Steinway & Sons International Piano Competition, Pearl
    River-Caesarsburg International Piano Competition, China on the Fingertips International Youth
    Piano Competition, Guangdong Asian International Youth Piano Invitational Competition, Harmony of Voices International Piano Competition, and the China International Piano
    Competition, Harmony International Youth Piano Competition, and The Troisdorf International
    Piano Competition. As a piano teacher, Hong Xun has taught a number of students who have been admitted to major
    conservatories, both in China and abroad, such as: Shanghai Conservatory of Music, Wuhan
    Conservatory of Music, China Conservatory of Music, Central Conservatory of Music Gulangyu,

etc. Many of his students have won top prizes in competitions around the world. Among them
are the most prestigious concerto competition of the Walnut Hill Piano Festival in Boston, the
Toduta International Piano Competition in Romania, the Steinway International Piano
Competition, the “O’MILLER” International Youth Piano Competition, the European Union
National Conservatory Piano Competition, the Singapore Youth Piano Invitational Competition, and many more. Hong Xun has been invited to give public lessons and master classes in over 40
cities in China and abroad, and has won wide public acclaim. Since the beginning of 2020, he has
also been offering various types of live piano lessons online, which are available on various social
networking platforms, such as Titok, WeChat, Weibo and Red Book.

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