Lena Szmarowska Guitar

Lena Szmarowska was born in 2007 in Giżycko, Poland.
Since the very young age she was showing music talent. It was when
she was 5 when she first took classic guitar into her hands and she
decided she will be learning how to play. Because she was to young
that time to attend music school, she started learning in nearby
cultural center. Finally, when she was old enough and after passing
necessary exams, she started her music education in State music
school of 1 st degree in Giżycko under direction of Dariusz Leczycki. It
was 2020 when she started her music education in Fryderyk Chopin
State Music School in Olsztyn of 2 nd degree under direction of
Elżbieta Pliszka.

Between 2015-2021, she participated in guitar workshops and
competitions, achieving the following successes:

COMPETITION “IMKA” – Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina);
• April 2021 – 1 st place in International Music Competition
in Nicea, France;
• March 2021 – distinction in Nationwide Guitar Competition
in Morąg, Poland;
• February 2020 – Auditions for the Artistic Education Center
with the highest score in the region – 24.2 out of 25 points;
• April 2018 –1st place in XI Nationwide Guitar Competition
in Zambrów, Poland;
• May 2017 – 1st place in VII Regional Guitar Competition
in Olsztyn, Poland;
• April 2017 – 3rd place in the XXIII Guitarist Confrontations
Puck 2017 (Poland)
• May 2016 – 1st Prize in the “Little Today, Big Tomorrow”
Competition in Białystok (Poland)

• April 2016 – 1st place in the 10th National Guitar Competition
Zambrów 2016 (Poland) and Distinction at the 22nd
Confrontations of Guitarists in Puck (Poland)
• October 2015 – 2nd place in the 10th Jubilee International
Guitar Competition in Ełk under the title “Guitar in early music in
Spain” (Poland);
• May 2015 – 1st place in the 6th Regional Guitar Competition in
Olsztyn (Poland),
• April 2015 – 2nd place in the 21st Guitarist Confrontation in
Puck (Poland).

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