Zarja Ogrizek Classical Guitar

Zarja Ogrizek is a 10-year old girl, who has been learning the guitar for the last
3 years and a half. Her father, who is a drummer in one of the famous
Slovenian pop – reggae band, encouraged her to start learning this wonderful
instrument, which perfectly matches her character – gentle, sensitive but at the
same time strong, fearless and passionate.
It is interesting that Zarja’s first guitar was a small “battery toy”, which Zarja
got as a present from family friends in Costa Rica, where she celebrated her
first birthday. Ever since she was little, she liked music, singing and dancing.
When she was younger, she liked to compose her own songs.

She also likes animals and she would like to become a vet. Who knows maybe
one day the music therapy for animals will be her life mission.

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