Zuzanna Przystalowska Violin

Zuzanna Przystalowska was born on 13 October 2004 in Lipno. At the age of 7, she started to learn
the violin with Elzbieta Bednarek MA at the Czeslaw Niemen Musical School Complex in Wloclawek.
She currently studies with Professor Marcin Baranowski and Joanna Kreft MA at the Jadwiga
Kaliszewska Comprehensive Secondary Music School in Poznan.
She participated in numerous musical competitions, All-Polish and international, winning the
following prizes, among others:
 3rd Prize at the Wielkopolska Performing Competition, Poznan 2015
 5th Prize at the 7th Violin Meetings, Wloclawek 2016
 Honourable Mention at the 8th Violin Meetings, Wloclawek 2017
 3rd Prize at the 1st All-Polish Violin Competition “Violin Talents”, Poznan 2017
 Laureate Title at the 24th Musical Meetings, Slupca 2018 (Trio)
 1st Prize at the 1st All-Polish Competition of Miniatures, Zamosc 2019
 2nd Prize and Special Prize at the Wanda Wilkomirska 2nd Violin Competition for Polish
Music, Czestochowa 2020
 Laureate of National Competition at the FORTE Festival, Poland 2020
 Laureate of National Competition at the W BAROKOWYM STYLU Festival, Poland 2021
 1st Prize at the International Internet Music Competition „IMKA”, 2021
 1st Prize at the EUROPE OPEN Online Music Competition, 2021
For many years, she participated in master classes, where she perfected her skills with such
professors, as Marcin Baranowski, Florin Croitoru, Evgeny Sinaiski, Maria Szwajger-Kulakowska,
Marcin Sikorski and Sirkka-Liisa Kaakinen-Pilch.
She actively promotes violin music in Poland, giving numerous concerts, including her performance
with the Capella Bydgostiensis Chamber Orchestra.

Zuzanna Przystalowska

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