Chayapa Asawarakwong

Chayapa Asawarakwong, is 11-years old singer and dancer from Thailand.
She began her vocal study at the age of 10. She loves singing and dancing.
She has improved her vocal skills by practicing and participating in various
competitions. She was awarded with First prize The 7th Hong Kong
International Youth Performance Arts 2019 (HKYPAF 2019) final round and
Gold medal in BMC Bangkok Music Contest in 2018 and she also received
Gold Award in Young Musicians’ Open Stage Junior Singing Category from
Music Learning Festival #6 in 2019. She participated in CSTD Thailand dance
grandprix 2019 and CSTD Asia Pacific dance competition 2019. She was
awarded with the 1st place and honourable mention in troupe modern jazz
dance category respectively. She won First Prize highest score of Gold medal
in Bangkok Online Vocal Competition 2020 (Broadway/Musical Theatre and
Classical Category). 
She was one of Thailand representatives in The 8th Hongkong International
Youth Performance Arts Festival (HKYPAF2020) and she won Third Prize of
asia. In 2021 she received the Outstanding Youth Award of Thailand and she
received a trophy with the Prime Minister of Thailand. She won Silver Prize in
5th Briillant Talent Discovery Awards from Singapore. She won FIRST PRIZE
and EXCEPTIONAL YOUNG TALENT Special Prize Winner in The 2021
International Music Competition “London” Grand Prize Virtuoso. She won First
Prize awards in Grand Metropolitan International Music Competition 2021
from Canada.

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