Napat Rungruangsarn

Napat Rungruangsarn, is 10 years old singer from
Thailand. She began her vocal study at the age of nine.
She loves singing.
She started singing competition at the age of ten.
She won Second Prize from Festival Europe Young
Ukraine KYIV on academic song category. She won
Silver Medal from The 8th Hong Kong International
Youth Performance Arts 2020 (HKYPAF 2020) on
Broadway/Musical Theatre and Classical Category) in
Thailand Preliminary round. She won Second Prize
award in Festival Europe Young Ukraine KYIV “Europe
Young 2020” from Ukraine. She won Silver Prize in
qualifying round HKYPAF2020.
In 2021 , She won Silver medal in Young Artist Music
Contest of College of Music Mahidol University. And
most recently , She won “Third Prize” in Silk Way
International Music Competition second stage by Russia

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