I’m Eli Kovačič and I was born in 2010 in april 25th. I live in Bovec, a small alpine town in Slovenia.
When I was a little girl, I used to admire my older brother Vid, who played saxophone.
That is why I started to play this wonderful instrument with a velvety sound too.
I got my first saxophone lesson at the age of eight. My saxophone teacher in music school Tolmin is
prof. Joanna Blejwas. She is both a very good person and a teacher, who always encourages me. This
year I participated in competitions for the first time, namely the World online music competition in
Belgrade and IMKA competition in Sarajevo where I achieved the 1st prize.
In 2019 I became a member of SOS junior orchestra, which is conducted by prof. Lev Pupis, a well
known slovenian saxophonist. During this school year I was a part of a chamber group.
Besides saxophone I also play the piano. I like animals and shooting funny video clips.
Sometimes I play the saxophone only for my pet animal parrot Čivko. Then he quickly becomes very
vivid and starts to tweet along happily.
I wish that one day my saxophone playing is good enough to bring people who would listen to it,
many joyful moments …
That’s what music is all about, don’t you think so, too?!


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