Leem Jia En is a multi-talented 10-year-old from Singapore. She studies at CHIJ St Nicholas Girls’ Primary
School. As a school prefect, Jia En also enjoys playing badminton and basketball. Her passion in music
brought her to start learning Guzheng a year ago when she joins her school’s co-curricular activity (CCA)
Guzheng Ensemble Team. She also studies her Guzheng Music with Joanne Wanglu, Music Principal at Yunyi
Musical Education Centre.
Playing solo and in a team is very different and she learns that playing in an ensemble team has its own
challenges, but it also encourages all the team members to work together to achieve the same goal. With her
strong passion towards music, she dreams to perform more on stage and in charity events. She is exploring
many music activities especially in both Guzheng and Piano performances and started participating in music
competitions in 2021. She has won several international awards this year including:

  • First Prize Winner in 21st Century Talents Music Competition, Fall Season and invited to perform live in
    Ottawa next year
  • Bronze Award in Nanyang International Music Competition (NIMC)
  • Honorable Mention with very good results in 6th Rising Stars Grand Prix International Music Competition
  • Guzheng Ensemble Performance during Mooncake Festival for Community Event – Canberra Zone 2
  • Guzheng Ensemble Performance during Chinese New Year for school event
Leem Jia En Guzheng

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