Michael Phillipe Andree Piano

Michael Phillipe Andree was born on July 2010 in Indonesia, currently studying at The Piano Institute with
Mrs. Catherine Tanujaya from Sydney Conservatorium of Music. He played piano since he was 5 and half
years old, since then classical music has always been a big part of his days. Even in his relatively young age,
he has displayed dedication and love for classical musics. His goal is to one day study piano abroad, learn
from the masters and become a concert pianist.
He also attended piano masterclasses to further sharpen his skill and techniques, such as with: Prof.
Massimo Folliero (Italy), Prof. Inge Rosar (Germany), Natalia Ricci (Australia), Ronaldo Rolim (USA), Tony
Lee (Australia), Dr. Nicholas Young (Australia), Dr. Chan Wei Tuck (Malaysia), Vatche Jambazian (Australia),
Christopher Malek (Australia), Ory Shihor (USA), and Wang Congyu (France).
His latest achievements are: 1st Winner of 3rd WPTA Singapore, 2nd Winner of Marker and Pioneer
International Music Competition, 2nd Winner of 8th ProPiano International Competition, Gold Award of 1st
Joyeux Music International Competition, 1st Winner of 7th Singapore Raffles International Music Festival,
1st Winner of Medici International Music Competition, 1st Winner of 2021 King’s Peak International Music
Competition, 3rd Winner of 2021 American Music Talent Competition, 2nd Winner and Best Classical
Award of 5th Brilliant Talent Discovery Awards Singapore, 1st Winner of 6th Odin International Music
Competition Sweden, 2nd Winner of Gloria Artist International Piano Competition Vienna, and many more.

Michael Phillipe Andree

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