Simona Fruscella Organ

SIMONA FRUSCELLA was born in Campobasso (Italy), where she graduated in Organ in the
national academy of music “L. Perosi”.
She has participated in numerous courses of specialization with teachers of great prestige: Klement
Schnorr, Harald Vogel, Peter Westerbrink, Enrico Viccardi, Arturo Sacchetti, Giancarlo Parodi,
Edoardo Bellotti, respect the organ’s literature from the Italian Renaissance to the French and
German Romanticism.
In 1998 she has won a scholarship on the “Cours International of organ ” in Vicenza city.
She is called to play in prestigious recitals and festival. She has played important historic organs in
Italy and to the foreign countries: Austria, Belgium, England, Finland, France, Germany, Poland,
Spain, Switzerland, and Romania, as soloist and in other formations.
She is the artistic manager of the A. I. A. C. International Association “Art and Culture” in
Campobasso, that it regularly organizes concerts of organ in Italy.
She is employed as teacher of role in the secondary school of II degree in Cremona and she
collaborates as organist with the church Sant’Ambrogio V in Casalmorano (Cremona).
In 2016 she obtained a masters degree in musicology at the Department of Musicology in CremonaUniversity of Pavia, with a thesis entitled The harmonium in Italy. The printing repertory and its
historic background, with a first catalogue of the respective editions for which she received the
biennial “Pierluigi Gaiatto” award of the 2018 edition established by the prestigious Levi
Foundation in Venice. She has participated, as organist in numerous national and international
competitions, obtaining various awards, such as, Diploma I Prize at the I Nice International Music
Competition; Diploma I Prize at the VIII Rome International Music Competition; Diploma I Prize
II Brussels International Music Competition; Diploma I prize at the 4th International Moscow
Music Competition; Certificate I prize IMKA Sarajevo Music Competition; Diploma 2nd Prize at
the VII Odin International Music Online Competition; Diploma 3rd Prize at the 3° “Laszlò
Spezzaferri” ”International Music Competition of Verona; Diploma 3rd Prize at the Muse 2021
International Music Competition in Grece.
She collaborates for a multimedia project called IMD Music & WEB with the IMD RADIO record
label concerning productions radio and recordings of organ works.
She has published organ compositions and organ trasriptions with the Italian publishing Edizioni
Currently, she attends the Master of Advanced Studies in Organ Music Performance and
Interpretation at the University School of the Conservatorio della Svizzera Italiana.

Simona Fruscella Organist

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