Silvia Ricci Piano

My name is Silvia Ricci, I’m 15 years old, I was born on 2 nd October
2006 and I live in Mariglianella, in the province of Naples, in Italy.
When I was 3 I discovered that I have an immense passion for
music: every time I listened to songs I moved with rhythm and had
a lot of fun, so my mother proposed to me to attend a dance school,
but I didn’t intend to dance, I wanted to play an instrument. I
remember that I was enchanted when I watched shows with
orchestras on TV. When I was 4 years old my parents accompanied
me to a music academy and I was still undecided about which
instrument I would choose but, as soon as I entered I immediately
approached the piano and my teacher interpreted it as a sign of
destiny. Since that day I’ve studied piano without ever stopping. I
have never been so afraid of performing because I grew up on stage
thanks to the numerous essays I have performed in since I was 5, so
I consider the stage as my second home. At the age of 12 years
I took the admission exam to enter the Domenico Cimarosa
Conservatory in Avellino and I actually study with M. Cinzia
Matarazzo. In the last year I’ve participated in some competitions
and I believe that the most important results were:
 7 th Propiano International Competition – 2 nd prize
 The ‘Imka’ International Internet Music Competition – 1 st
 1 st International Music Competition ‘Anxur – Città di
Terracina’- 1 st prize
 1 st Competition ‘Premio Conservatorio Cimarosa’ – 1 st prize
 31 st International Competition for Young Musicians ‘Città di
Barletta’ on line edition – 2 nd prize

These goals motivated me, they are a source of satisfaction and
pride and the results of many sacrifices. I believe that participating
in competitions is useful not only to have notoriety, but also to gain
experience and to take into consideration advice and teachings from
other expert musicians from different parts of the world. Right now
I still don’t have a precise idea of what I would like to become one
day, but for sure, in any job I undertake, the piano will be the
protagonist, my partner until the end. I want to share my music
because it is through music that I can express myself at best and I
am grateful for everything I have: health, a family that supports me
and helps me achieve my dream and many possibilities.

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