Frank Ledesma Opera

Graduated and licensed in the profile of “Lyrical Sing” at the Arts
University (ISA), Cuba, Havana City (2021).
In 2011 he appeared as “Adolfito”, a character made by the work
“Canción de Rachel” a musical directed by the well-known Tony
Díaz, in which he obtained a nomination to the prestigious reward
“Adolfo Llauradó”, in “Theater for Adults” category.
Besides his honored degree as a professional singer, he is also a
talented actor that officially works in the Cuban theater company
known as “El Público”, ruled by the hand of the Mtr. Carlos Díaz. In
2017 he achieved twice the reward “Adolfo Llauradó” while were
promoted to the stages the theatrical works “Así que pasen cinco
años” (Federico García Lorca), under the direction of Carlos Díaz,
and “El Espejo” (Abelardo Estorino), this time under de conduction
of Marian Montero, principal of the theater company “La Perla”,
both awards in “Theater for Adults” category.
He interpreted the character of Mark Cohen, in Cuban – American
production of the musical “Rent”, provided with music of Jonathan
Larson, project that was produced by the “Nacional Council of
Scenic Arts” of Cuba and “Netherlander Worldwide
Entertainment”, LLC (2014 2015).
He was member of the “Camerata Vocale Sine Nomine” from
2012 to 2017, performing in the “choral cord” of countertenors
(Alto) under the direction of the Mtr. Leonor Dulzaides. The
aforementioned aggrupation showed up in national and
international events, at countries like Mexico, United States,
Colombia and Ecuador. Being part of this vocal project, he
recorded three phonograms rewarded to the Cubadisco awards,
dedicated to Esteban Salas’s, Cayetano Pagueras’s and Juan
Paris’s works. This project was organized and directed by the Dr.
in Musicology Miriam Escudero, who also directs the prestigious
Cabinet of Musical Patrimony “Esteban Salas”.
Rewarded in 2015 with the “First Prize” and “Leo Brouwer
Reward” in the “International Competition of Countertenors Alfred
Deller’s in Memoriam”, a crucial contest that was part of the
Festival “The Voix Humaines”, an event organized and sponsored
by the “Leo Brouwer’s Office”, celebrated in Havana. In the
Festival “World Countertenors” (2016), under the conduction of
the Mtr. Leo Brouwer and the “Chamber Orchestra of Havana”, he
interpreted the “Seven Spanish Folk Songs” of Manuel de Falla, in
a sincere tribute to the Spanish composer and also being the
closing concert of the aforementioned Festival.
Was part of the cast conceived to the musical “Carmen la
Cubana” (2018 – 2019), conducted by Christopher Renshaw and
musicalized with the arrangements of Alex Lacamour. They
performed up in Germany (Bremen, Cologne, Berlin, Munich,
Frankfurt, Leipzig), England (London), Switzerland (Zurich),
China (Shanghai), Holland (Amsterdam) (2018 – 2019).
Took part in the festival “Habana Clásica” accompanied by the
Mtr. Marcos Madrigal (2018).
Achieved the First Prize in the contest “Musicalia” (2019), an
event organized by the “Arts University” (ISA) of Cuba.

Being a soloist performer in the W.A. Mozart’s “Requiem”, he
showed up next to the “National Lyric Theater of Cuba” (directed
by the Mtr. Yhovani Duarte) and also with “Contemporary Dance
of Cuba” (under the conduction of Miguel Iglesias) at the
“Havana’s Great Theater” “Alicia Alonso” (2019).
Was selected among 116 singers of the Caribbean region, in
which only 7 were selected, in order to represent their country
and participate in the first edition of the “Caribbean Lyric Festival
2021” held in St. Domingo, Dominican Republic. In the
aforementioned festival, was accompanied by the “National
Juvenile Symphonic Orchestra”, under the conduction of his
titular director, the Mtr. Alberto Rincón, and also provided with
the invitation of the Mtr. Darwin Aquino, at the “National Theater
Eduardo Brito”. This event was supported by the “Symphonic
Foundation”, the “Ministry of Culture” and the European Union in
RD (May 2021).
In 2021 he was awarded with the First Prize in the “Medici
International Music Competition” 2021 (London), also the
“Audience Award Winner” and “Grand Prize Winner” in “21st
Century Talents Music Competition” (Canada, Ottawa).
He has received masterclass from: Viktoria Lasaroff (Germany),
Peter Mark (EE UU), Philippe Jaroussky (France), Xavier Sabata
(Spain) Arthur Stefanowicz (Poland), Rodrigo (Brazil), Franz
Vitztuhm (Germany), Katja Stuber (Germany).
As a soloist performer, he is one of the most interesting names
of the present-day Cuban lyric song, covering a vast musical and
theatrical repertory, that goes from renaissance, baroque, opera,
operetta, concert song, oratorios, cantatas, musical and
theatrical works. He has shown up at the most representative
theaters of Cuba, sharing the scene with relevant national and
international prominent personalities. He also has been
accompanied and guided by prestigious aggrupation, musicians
and directors such as:
Mtr. Leo Brouwer, Mtr. Charles Díaz, Osvaldo Doimeadiós, Mtr.
Richard Bonynge, Pirma Ballerina Assoluta Alicia Alonso, Mtr.
Joseph A. Mendez, Mtr. Walter Reiter, Mtr. Darwin Aquino, Mtr.
Yhovani Duarte, Moises Santiesteban, Marcos Madrigal, Marita
Rodríguez, Janio Abreu, Niurka González, Alejandro Martínez,
Pura Ortiz, Juan Espinosa, Bárbara Llanes, Milagro de los
Ángeles, Lucy Provedo, Pilar Jurado, Ricardo Gallén, Mtr.
Leonor Dulzaides, Mtr. Miriam Escudero, Orchestra of the
Lyceum Mozarteum of Havana, Orchestra of the Great Theater
of Havana, Chamber Orchestra of Havana, National Juvenile
Symphonic Orchestra of St. Domingo at Dominican Republic,
Wind Quintet “Ventus Habana”.

Frank Ledesma

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