Hello, We are siblings and our music band is „FAMily”
My name is Florian, I was born in 2009 . I have been playing the accordion for four years. I am in class
four of the State Music School in Racibórz. My music teacher is Mrs Wiesława Lampert -Szczyra. I like
playing the accordion very much. I also enjoy costructing cars and I am interested in building of Lego
Albert is my younger brother. He was born in 2011.He is also a student of the State Music School in
Racibórz in class four ,like me .He has been playing the guitar ,His music teacher is Mr Mariusz
Swoiński . Additionally Albert started to play the piano two years ago .He likes playing chess and
playing smartphone logic games.
Matylda is my sister and she is the youngest of us .She was born 2012.She has been playing the
saxophone for four years. She is also a student of the State Music School in Racibórz. Dr Artur Motyka is
her music teacher and a tutor of our band „ FAMily’’.Matylda loves playing the saxophone but she wants
to start learning how to play the accordion.She likes horse riding and she adores our cat.
In 2021 we won the third place in The International Competition in Belgrad,Serbia. We preformed in our
country ,in such cities as: Racibórz ,Polanica Zdrój ,Kołobrzeg ,Wrocław .We went abroad,to Berlin to
give the performance too.
We hope our passion will last for a long time and we will manage to develope our music skills.
Thanks to this we will be able to make our audience their free time enjoyable.

Florian ,Albert and Matylda – „FAMily”

Florian Mazurek
Mazurek Matylda
Albert Mazurek

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