Sarshar Ghozat Piano

I was born on January 14,1999 in Tehran, Iran. 

Although all of my family members are Engineers and I was the first who decided to continue Music as a profession, all of them play an instrument, so it was a very musical environment to grow up in.

Most of them play a traditional or a classical Iranian instrument.

I started to play the piano from the age of 13

I was always fascinated by music and performing Artists and the ability to compose music!

When I first heard a piano performance, I was shocked to my core, to see how much a single instrument is capable of such wide range of sounds and colors and dynamics!

I started studying Piano Performance at Budapest Conservatory at the age of 17, I studied in Hungary for almost 4 years with Mr. András Suki.

I composed piano works and String Quartet and soundtracks for Theatre and Dance Theatre in Budapest. 

I got accepted at the Royal Conservatory of Ghent, Belgium in 2020 and decided to move to Ghent to continue my Piano studies with Keiko Shichijo and I’ve been studying at the Royal Conservatory of Ghent ever since.

I study Composition as well with Mr. Jesse Broekman.

My repertoire has a wide range and I’m in the path of widening my horizons as much as possible in means of Music and diverse repertoire.

Chopin,Beethoven and Liszt speak to me the most.

Especially Chopin, perhaps because of his personal life and my background, and his honesty and poetry in his compositions

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