DAVID ZHU Classical Guitarist

David Zhu is 14 years old from New Jersey, USA. He started to learn classical guitar at the age
of 8. Now, David is a student at the PreCollege of The Juilliard School; his teacher is Mrs. Tali
Roth. He also studied at the Precollege of Manhattan School of Music from 2018 to 2020. His
former teacher was Mr. Mark Delpriora. David is a member of the Guitar Foundation of
America. He frequently performs in the Precollege and outside, such as NJ Performing Arts
Center. When he was ten years old, Newark School of the Arts documented his solo guitar
performance in a film celebrating its 50 years birthday. On 12/12,2021, he performed at the
winners’ recital at NYC Carnegie Hall, sponsored by American Protégé. During 2020-2021,
David participated in six music competitions. He obtained many awards, including the First
Place from the 2020 King’s Peak International Music Competition and two Second Place from
“American Protégé International 2020 Music Talent Competition” and “International 2021 Piano
and Strings Competition ”. His academic records are excellent. David was honored as 2021
salutatorian and gave the opening speech at the graduation ceremony of his middle school. Now,he is a freshman in McNair Academic High School, Jersey City, NJ, USA.

David Zhu

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