Inga Hovhannisyan Violinist

Inga Hovhannisyan

I was born on May 10, 2007 in Yerevan, Armenia. I started to learn violin at the Music School after Armen Tigranyan.

Now I’m studying violin in Music school after P. I. Tchaikovsky. Achievements include:

Art-Music IMC – II prize (in 2019)

Art-generation IMC – I prize (in 2019)

Old town pictures IMC – Grand Prize (in 2019)

AGBU IMC – II prize (in 2018) and Grand Prize (in 2021)

Arm Symphony AL Violin Competition – I prize (in 2021)

Nouvelles Étoiles – I prize (in 2022)

IMKA Music Competition – I prize (in 2022)

Novacek-Perpetum mobile 


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