Narapat Phabanjongjit Thai Flute

Birthday:  22th November 1993


2009:Sarasit Phithayalai School (GPAX 3.89)

2012:Triam Udom Suksa School (Thai Music Quota)

2017: Chulalongkorn University, Department of Sociology and anthropology (Second class honours)

Narapat Phabanjongjit

is Owner of Narapat Music Academy

-Thai contemporary flutist; Thai representative of the Union 

  Nations(UN) and of international  network organizations 

– Producer componist of Thai contemporary songs for UN and  for worldwide record labels       


Sierra for opening with UN and for  world environment campaign 

-Light of Buddhadharma for university of World Buddhism

-Tears for condolences for the     death of King Bhumibol Adulyadej

-Released Now Here Single , turn  point from Thai traditional music to  EDM

-Mahamaya for Mahamaya festival  by United Nation

-Owner of Narapat Thai Flute contemporary Thai flute shop

-Leader of Church Network Music  club

Music Instructors:

Thai Contemporary and traditional Flute Professor Thanis Sriklindee , Loekiat Mahawinijchaimontri, Nonglak Chim-palee, Chakrayut Laisakul and Dussadi Mee-Pom

Drum Set and western music

Professor Pisitpat Kongrith: Thailand excellent Drum set award of the year 1984 and drum set player of the band “Royal Sprite”, of “Ko-Phai”, of ”Fong-Nam” (Contemporary Music) and of Military Band of Sarasit Phithayalai School

Experience of world music

-Representative of UN for   welcoming the Pope Francis in the   WFP festival in Rome, Italy,  broadcasted to many channels  such as CNN, BBC, awarded the  shield from Church Ministry of Thailand after that Thai flute performance  

-Flute performance and special  guest of the Dalai lama in the  activity Voice of America at  Dhammasala Palest, India

-Special guest and Thai flute performance in the conference 

World Future Council: in Hamburg,  Germany and in Bergen, Austria

-Special guest and Thai flute performance in “The Regional Conference of Asia-Pacific Right  Livelihood Laureates”, India, whose  guest are awarded the Alternative  Nobel Prize and come from around the world.  

-Special guest and Thai flute performance in welcoming dinner  for ambassador of Budapest,  Hungary and Thai flute performance for Buddhist club of  Budapest, Hungary

-Special guest and Thai flute performance in “Korea National  Church of  Nazarene”, South Korea,  where there are presses from 163  countries 

-Special guest and Thai flute

 performance in “Asian Buddhist  Connection”, Indonesia

-Special guest and Thai flute performance in INEB, in Taiwan and 

 Nepal-Special guest and Thai flute   performance in the meeting of   Kalinga International Foundation, India

National experience :

-Thai flute performance and  featuring with Professor Guo Yun  Xiang, professor in Guzheng, for  Her royal highness Princess  Sirindhorn at River City Hotel  

-Thai flute performance for VIP  such as Gen. Prayut Chan-O-Cha  (Prime Minister), Anand  Panyarachun (former Prime  Minister), Abhisit Vejjajiva (former  Priminister)

-Thai flute performance for The  Seventieth Anniversary 

 Celebrations of His Majesty’s  Accession to the Throne by Church  of Christ in Thailand (CCT) 

-Thai flute performance for a 

  meeting of National Anti-

  Corruption association

-Thai flute performance for the 6th 

Thai Culture festival by Thai Culture 

 Association in Berkeley of 

 California, United State

-Thai flute performance in occasion 

 of by 5 Christian organisations: 

1.The Catholic Bishops’ Conference 

   of Thailand

2.The Church of Christ in Thailand

3.Evangelical Fellowship of     


4.Thailand Baptist Convention and 5.Thailand Adventist Mission

-Thai contemporary flute

 performance at Charity Concert “Power of Love”  

-Thai contemporary flute

 performance in occasion of 100-

 day-memorial merit ceremony for 

 the King Rama IX


-Honorary metal and  certificate of  

 Excellent Youth Project in the 

 occasion of Her royal highness 

 Princess Sirindhorn’s 60 years 

 anniversary, 2nd April 2015 by 

 National Legislative Assembly of 


– First runner up in the field of drum 

  set and a representative from 

  Triam Udom Suksa School at 

  Contemporary Music Contest by 

  Yamaha Music, for the Cup from 

  Her royal highness Princess 


-Three awards from World Music 

 Championship in Jeju-do, South 

 Korea, in the field of French Horn 

 (Military Band):

 1.Award for First Prize in Finals

 2.Award for Special Prize in Finals

 3.Award for First Prize Preliminary  in Division

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