Alicja Dropek 1st Prize in IMKA Flute Competition

Alicja Dropek was born in Warsaw in 2013. She began to play the flute at 7. 

Since that time she’s been a student in flute class of prof.Małgorzata Lange-Banaś in Music School in Warsaw (Zespół Państwowych Szkół Muzycznych I i II stopnia Nr.3 im. Grażyny Bacewicz) 

She took part in many competitions both in Poland and in countries from all over the world such as: 

12th World Open Music Competition in Serbia (2021)- 1st Prize International Moscow Music Online Competition (2021) – 4th Prize International Music Competition Opus in Krakow (2021) – 2nd Prize Rybnik 2021 OFF “Zakręcone Fleciki” – 1st Prize 

XIX Nationwide Spring Flute Festival in Sochaczew 2021 – 2nd Prize VIII Roma ‘21 International Music Competition – 1st Prize 

1st Tiziano Rossetti International Music Competition 

in Lugano, Switzerland (2021) – 4th Prize 

IMKA Music Competition in Sarajevo (2022) – 1st Prize

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