Maja Górecka IMKA Oboe Competition

Maja Górecka was born on June 23, 2010 in Kielce. She began learning oboe
education at the age of 7 ( 2017) at the Ludomir Różycki State Music School in
Kielce in oboe class under the direction of Janusz Pietrzyk. Already in the second
grade Maja’s first big success was 1 st place in the Polish Competition of Young
Solists in Jaworzno (2018). In 2019 being in the 3 rd grade she took 2 nd place in
the national oboe competition in Krakow and 1 st place in the voivodeship hearing
of wind instruments in Kielce. In 2020 Maja took 1 st place in XI confrontations
wind instruments in Nowy Targ and 1 st place in IV Pomeranian oboe
Festiwal in Gdynia also took 1 st place in the interschool competition under the
patronage foundation AMADEUSZ. In 2021 she took first place in Silesian Wind
Instrument Competition. First place in National Oboe Festival Named After Emilian
Pardus, first place in the national wind instrument competition named after
Bogdan Łukaszemicz. First place in Third National Wind instruments oboe festival
named after Bolesław Strawa and Franciszek Krzemiński, 2nd place in
International Moscow Music Competition and Luigi Cerritelli international

Competition, 2nd price in the American Classical Young Musician Award-
Washington D.C. US. 2021. In 2022 Maja took first place in XXII Sokołowski

Competition of Music Culture and first place in the Internet Music Competition
“Imka” 2022. Maja is a very modest cheerful girl who joy and pleasure from
playing the oboe.

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