William Cheong French Horn

My name is William Cheong. I start playing my beloved musical instrument –French horn since I was
9 years old and have been playing for about three years now. I love the shape of the instrument. The
rich and mellow sound of the French horn amused me a lot.
In the last 2 years, COVID-19 pandemic has affected our life in one way or another. However, I
believe through playing music, it can provide respite and happiness to us. I have performed in Cloud
Concert, Music Society at local community and Uniting Church, and MYO winter camp in Philip
concert band with so many young musicians in this period. To my great delight, I have been given an
opportunity to join the Melbourne Youth Wind Symphony. I am a second-place winner in 2021
American Protégé competition, and it is excited to be invited to perform in Carnegie Hall in 2023.
Healthy life will bring healthy mind. My favourite sports are basketball and table tennis. I love
reading and drawing at my leisure time. I am also an animal lover. In the future, he would like to be a
musician or a vet.

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