Anna Rusin

Anna Rusin a student of level 1 Music School in Głogów Małopolski attending
the piano class of MA Urszula Buda. It is worth mentioning that Anna has a
natural virtuoso predisposition and a great sensitivity to the timbre of sound,
the ability and ease of acquiring works of piano literature, far beyond the scope
of the school curriculum. All these features and excellent cooperation with the
educator meant that Anna competed with the pianists attending the music
schools all over Poland and abroad. The jury appointed by Ministry of Culture
and National Heritage, the Center for Artistic Education and Teachers of
Academy of Music awarded Anna in many international, domestic and school
contests . She won the title of laureate in twenty three competitions including
the following :
II International Online Competition of the Young Pianists „ LVIV KAWAI
International Music Competition MUSE „ Athens 2020 “. The competition was
held under the patronage of Ministry of Culture of Greece.
X International Young Virtuoso Piano Competition in Sanok , 2019
I International Piano Competition, Libiąż, 2019
VIII International J. Garści Competition in Stalowa Wola, 2018 – Competition
recommended by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage and CEA
X Festival of Polish Contemporary Music in Lubliniec, 2019
XXII Polish National Competition named after I. J. Paderewski Tuchów.
III Polish Nationwide Piano Contest, Trzciana, 2018
X and XII Interregional Piano Review “Lubaczów Musical Impressions”, 2017,
VI and VII Macroregional Piano Competition – Children’s meeting with the
piano music „ From Classics to Entertainment” Przemyśl 2017, 2018
XIX Sokolow Music Culture Competition, Sokołów Małopolski, 2018
V Leżajsk Music Culture Competition, Leżajsk, 2018

It is worth emphasizing that Anna was invited to the award winners’
concerts. A special honour for Anna was her participation in the concert of
laureates of XXII I. J. Paderewski National Competition in Tuchów, chaired by
the outstanding pianist and educationist

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