Rafał Marek Wiśniewski

I graduated with Honors the Academy of Music in Gdańsk.
I was a scholarship holder of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of the Republic of Poland
Scholarship, President of Gdańsk the scholarship for oustanding artistic achievements, the Mobility
Fund and the Rector of the Academy of Music in Gdańsk.
During my education, I gained many awards in international competitions among others in USA, Italy,
Sweden, Germany, Poland and Russia:
1st places at Manchester International Music Competition, European Winter Music Competition,
IMKA Music Competition, Bach International Music Competition, European Autumn Music
Competition, the World Classical Music Awards, International Online Competition Ars Astra in
Moscow, IMKA International Music Competition, 9th CONCORSO MUSICALE CITTA’ DI FILADELDIA,
Beethoven International Music Competition, Global Genius Music Competition, Best Classical
Musicians Award, Sibelius Music Competition and Golden Sound Award Competition .
2nd places at Marker and Pioneer International Music Competition, 2nd International Performing
Arts Comptetition Inspiration, International Music Competition Silk-Way.
3rd places at the International Music Competition OPUS, 4th National Youth String Instruments
Competition, 12th Macroregional Chamber Meetings and two 3rd prizes in the solo and ensemble
category at the 7th Stockholm International Music Competition.
Distinctions at 2 International Music Competition Malopolska, at the International Music Competition
Procida Island, 3rd Rising Stars Grand Prix International Music Competition, CEA Regional Auditions,
The North International Music Competition, International Moscow Music Competition, 3rd National
Violin Competition “Jak Wieniawski” and the Prize of the Laureate at the 5th National Competition in
BAROQUE STYLE and special prizes for being the best performer to represent Poland in European
Winter Music Competition, for Excellent Technique at Global Genius Muscic Competition for
Excellent Technique Award – na Manchester International Music Competition, for Outstanding
Technique Special Award on Bach International Music Competition, Artist of the Month of November
on European Classical Music Awards Global Committee, for being the best performer to represent
Polska on European Autumn Music Competition and special award artist of the year at European
Classical Music Award 2022 Grand Prix.
I was a co-founder of The Kameralna N-harmonia string orchestra in 2016, The BalticAlians Chamber
Orchestra in 2018 and chairman of the Faculty Circle of String Instruments operating at the
Instrumental Department of the Academy of Music in Gdańsk.
As a soloist, I have performed many times with the orchestras, among others the OSM in Gdańsk, the
Academy of Music in Gdańsk, the BalticAlians chamber orchestra and the “Sinfonia Baltica”
Philharmonic in Słupsk.

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