My name is Zuzanna Dyc, I was born 11th of December 2008 in Słupca. I started my adventure with the violin at the age of 8. I immediately fell in love with their wonderful sound and timbre. At present, I attend the Apolinari Szeluta State School of Music in Słupca. I learn to play this beautiful instrument in the class of wonderful teacher Natalia Janik- Zajma. Every year I improve my skills at music workshops and take part in numerous concerts an charity actions. I’m a laureate of many competitions. I received the scholarship granted by Director of the Arts Education Center in Poland and by the Mayor of the city of Słupca. I also play the piano, and my hobby has always singing. I love animals I enjoy swimming and dancing. I love performing on stage, and my future is music and violin.

My most important achievements:

• Internet Music and Dance Competition “Imka”- 1st prize

• 1st National Pizzicato Competition – 1st prize

• 1st National Competition “Musical Coryphaeus” – 1st prize

• 4th National Competition “Violin Talents 2021” – 2nd prize

• 4th National Violin Games – 2nd prize

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