Klaudia Szymkowiak SAXOPHONE

Klaudia Szymkowiak was born in Kalisz city of Poland in 2000. She began learning to play
saxophone at the age of 13 at the Henryk Melcer Primary and Secondary State Music
School in Kalisz (Poland) under the supervision of mgr Robert Staśkowiak. She is a
graduate of Construction of Grand Pianos and Pianos Technical School in Kalisz. Currently
she is learning the saxophone in the class of prof. Paweł Gusnar and mgr. Krzysztof
Koszowski in Grażyna and Kiejstut Bacewicz Academy of Music in Łódź (Poland). She
developed their skills during many workshops and masterclasses under the guidance of
superior saxophonists such as Arno Bornkamp, Vincent David, Jérôme Laran, Asya
Fateyeva. She actively participates in concerts, solo and chamber ensembles.

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