Bibiana Miškolciová

Portrait - Bibiana Miskolciova.jpg

Bibiana Miškolciová  / 17.4. 2000 /







2007 – 2014   Elementary music school of J. Rosinský, Nitra

Teachers: Anna Brázdilová, Mária Hroncová, Mária Kosová


2013 –      Conservatory of J.L. Bella, Banská Bystrica

Teacher: Aleš Solárik






Attila Garamvölgyi (HU), piano – principal of the School of Art Ferenca Martyna in Pécs, HU


Eva Virsik (USA/SVK), piano – professor at the University of New Haven in Connecticut, USA  


Peter Pažický (SVK), piano –  professor at the Conservatory of Bratislava and at the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava, SVK


Gábor Eckhardt (HU), piano – professor at the Ferenc Liszt Academy of Music and at the

Béla Bartók Conservatory in Budapest, HU


Darina Švárna (SVK), piano – professor at the Conservatory of Žilina, SVK


David di Fiore (USA), organ – professor at the Catholic University in Ružomberok, SVK


Andreas Weber (DE), piano – professor at the Mozarteum University Salzburg, AU


Otto Niederdorfer (AU), piano – professor at the Graz University, AU


Olivier Latry (FR), organ – professor at the Paris Conservatory of Music, FR


Alexander Peskanov (UA/USA), piano – living and teaching in New York, USA


Anatoly Zatin (UA/USA), piano – professor at the University of Colima, MEX


Mikhail Voskresensky (RU), piano – piano department chairman at the Moscow Tchaikowsky Conservatory, RU


Patrick Lechner (AU), piano – professor at the College of Chinese and ASEAN Arts, Chengdu, CN


Pavel Gililov (DE), piano – professor at Mozarteum University Salzburg, AU

Nora Luse (LT), piano








Bibiana Miškolciová has successfully played piano for over 11 years. She excells in musicality, purposefulness and a relentless diligence.


Her interpretation can be adopted by demanding professional audience. Her success is evident not only on a national level, but especially at international piano competitions in Serbia, Italy, France, Germany, Greece and the USA.


Playing piano is not her only artistic focus. She is equally successful in playing organ and started her study in 2009 as a part of Maria Kosova’s class.


She appeared at a number of musical events, including the Nitra Music Spring Festival, the International Festival of music schools in Győr, the International Festival of Music School in Warsaw, the International Festival of Music Summer in Trenčianske Teplice and „Peter Michalica introduces talents of Nitra“. In 2015 she appeared in the Sunday matinée in Mirbach Palace in Bratislava and at the Festival of Prize Winners of International Competitions in Rajec.


In 2016 she continued her concert activity at the Music Spring event in Nové Mesto nad Váhom, the Slovak Institute in Vienna and at the Music Autumn event in Rimavská Sobota. Her greatest achievement in this year was the 3rd Prize at the prestigious global competition American Protégé International Piano and Strings Competition in 2016 and  her participation at the Winners’ Concert at the prestigious Carnegie Hall in New York City, July 3, 2016.


In 2017 she presented her own recital in Nová Dubnica, in the Reneissance castle in Galanta, and at the Slovak Institute in Viena. In May she performed a concert in the Nitra Synagogue named “Piano Concert – A Tribute to Beethoven”. Bibiana´s achievements in this year include the 1st Prize at eMuse Online International Music Competition and participation at the Winners´Concert which took place at Byzantine and Christian Museum in Athens, Greece.


Her greatest achievement in 2017 was the 2nd Prize at American Fine Arts Festival Golden Era of Romantic Music Competition 2017 and invitation to the winners´ recital at Carnegie Hall, NY, USA.


In 2018 Bibiana presented recitals at the Slovak Institute in Vienna, in the Nitra Synagogue and at the Empire theater in Hlohovec. She was selected as a participant of a piano course led by Pavel Gililov which took place in Briosco, Italy. Furthermore, Bibiana took part in the Central International Music Academy in Vienna under the tutelage of Patrick Lechner. In this year she was awarded the 4th prize at the International Piano Competition „Riga“.





  • Interational Piano Competition „Riga“ 2018

4th prize

  • American Fine Arts FestivalGolden Era of Romantic Music” International Competition 2017 /USA/

2nd prize and invitation to the Winners ´ Recital at Carnegie Hall, NY

  • Carmel Klavier International Piano Competition 2017 in Carmel, Indianapolis /USA/


Semifinalist (6 semifinal participants)

  • 4th eMuse International Music Competition 2017 /GR/ 

1st prize and participation at the Winners ´Recital at Byzantine and Christian Museum on 5th July in Athens /GR/

  • EPTA Denmark Foundation

Successful stipendist for International PianoWeek Ollerup 2017 with Mikhail Voskresensky, Eugen Indjic and Paolo Giacometti 

  • AXA Pontis Foundation 2016/2017

Successful finalist

  • 2nd Rising Stars Grand Prix 2017 /DE/

Honorable Mention

  • DANUBIA TALENTS 2016, International Music Competition Vác /HU

3rd prize 

  • 6TH PIANO TALENTS International Junior and Senior Piano Competition Milan 2016 /IT/

2nd prize

  • American Protégé  International Piano and Strings Competition 2016 /US/

3rd prize and participation at the Winners´Recital in Carnegie Hall

  • 2nd eMuse Online International Music Competition 2015, Athens /GR/

3rd prize and Laureate 

  • ClaviCologne International Piano Festival Aachen 2015 /DE/ 

3rd prize

  • The Mayor of Nitra Award 2012, 2013, 2014
  • Nitra Lute National Organ Competition 2014

2nd prize and Special Prize for best interpretation of the work of Peter Eben


  • XXV. Le concours FLAME Paris 2014 /FR/

2nd prize, Category up to 13 years

  • XXV. Le concours FLAME Paris 2014 /FR/

2nd prize, Category up to 16 years

  • XIV. Concours International de piano Paris 2014 /FR/

1st prize in Piano Duo Category and participation at the Winners ´Recital in Theatre Adyar

  • National Organ Competition “Young Organists” 2013 /SVK/

1st prize and the Laureate of the competition

  • International competition of Julius von Beliczay 2013 /SVK/

1st prize in Piano Duo Category

  • 8. Concorso Pianistico Internazionale Mozart 2013, Frascati, Roma /IT/ 

2nd prize

  • Young talents of Ladislav Mokrý 2013 /SVK/

Absolute Winner

  • Young Pianists 2012 /SVK/

 2nd prize

  • 18th Gorazd Organ Days 2013 /SVK/


  • National Competition “Young Organists” 2012  

1st prize and Absolute Winner


  • “Piano Orava 2012” /SVK/

2nd prize

  • Ján Cikker Children´s Performance Competition 2012 /SVK/ –

Winner of the category + participation at the Winners ´Recital

  • International Competition Davorin Jenko 2012, Belehrad /RS/

1st prize

  • National Competition “Young Organists” 2011


1st prize


  • Schneider´s Trnava National Competition 2011 /SVK/


Category Winner

  • “Young pianists 2010” /SVK/

2nd prize and Prize for the best interpretation of the work of Fryderyk Chopin



National music perfomances :


Nitra, Vráble, Bratislava, Trenčianske Teplice, Levoča, Banská Bystrica, Rajec, Nové Mesto nad Váhom, Rimavská Sobota, Galanta, Nová Dubnica


International music performances:


2011 – Warszaw /PL/

2012, 2013 – Györ  /HU/

2013, 2015 – Prague /CZ/                                                 

2014 – Radovljica /SLO/

2016, 2017, 2018 – Vienna /AT/

2016 – New York /USA/

2017 – Indianapolis / USA/

2017 – Ollerup /DK/

2017 – Athens /GR/
2018 – Briosco /IT/








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