Mateusz Kepka

Mateusz Kępka
This talented, 12 years old violinist is on his 6th year at the Paderewski Music School in Cracow,
Poland. He started to play the violin at the age of 7 but from his youngest preschool years he has
been fallen in love with music. He has been expressing it through singing, various dance and vocal
performances. He has taken part in lots of song competitions, achieving many success. Once he saw
the kindergarten violinist band and since then the violin has become his favourite instrument. He
enjoys playing the violin very much and tries to play many songs only from hearing in his own
interpretation. During his primary education he has been succeeded in many Polish and international
violin competitions.
Mateusz’s great passion is also singing. Before his mutation he attended the children choir and
created the solo roles in various performances, including the main character in the musical “Little
Lord Fauntleroy” on the stage of the Krakow Opera.
In the future Mateusz would like to be a famous violinist (he admires David Garrett) or a conductor.
In his spare time he trains badminton and volleyball, likes playing the piano, board games and riding
a bike.Mateusz Kępka photo (Large).JPG

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