Sunday Duet Talia Cheung and Lewis Tang Hong Kong

Biography of Sunday Duet:
Sunday Duet was recently formed by Talia Cheung and Lewis Tang in Dec 2018.  They debuted their performances at public events and weddings, besides recitals at school concerts.  Right after that, they were just awarded First Prize with the highest score 94.25/100 at the International Music Competition (Belgrade, Serbia) 2019 for Duo of age category III (born in 2006 or younger).
Talia started learning harp at the age of 6.  She has been participating in international harp competitions since 2017 at the 8th French Harp Competition in Limoges and won the champion in Level 3.  She was also awarded Honorable Mention (of Category F, age 10) at the 1st International Harp Competition in Porto in the same year.  In 2018, besides winning as champion at the 23rd St Cecilia International Music Competition 2018 Grade 5 Harp, Talia had also been awarded First Prize for Harp solo, at several online Music Competitions including the International Music Competition Salzburg “Grand Prize Virtuoso” Junior Category, and the North International Music Competition.  At the beginning of 2019, she also won champions in both categories of age below 12 and age below 17 at the 6th Hong Kong International Youth Performance Arts Festival International Final for ABRSM Harp Class.
Lewis started playing the cello at the age of six and he has been serving as a cellist in his school’s orchestra for 2 years.
In 2018, Lewis won first runner up for the Cello Junior category at the Hong Kong School Music Festival. He also joined the Hong Kong Metropolitan Youth Orchestra (MYO) in the same year and performed with the MYO in the concert, Alice in Wonderland, at the Hong Kong Cultural Centre in Nov and in December played at the HKCEC in a performance organised by the Hong Kong Tourism Board.
Lewis is currently a student of Ms Jia Nan, a renowned cellist in Hong Kong. He will serve as a principal cellist of the MYO at a concert in Feb 2019.
In March 2019, Lewis had just won the champion at the 71st Hong Kong Schools Music Festival, Cello Solo Intermediate Section.Sunday Duet Hong Kong.jpeg

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