Daryna Bachynska

Daryna.jpeg was born in Lviv.

In 8th grade she entered the Lviv Specializied Music Boarding School named after Solomiya Krushelnytska. Now she is a student of Wiesław Suruło in the Krakow Music Academy.

Daryna is a winner of many national and international competitions such as:

Concertino-2015  1st prize

“Surmy Bukovyny “ 2 prize

Classic Horizonts 1st prize

International Carl and Franz Doppler competition 1st prize

‘Podil vodogray’  1 prize

Dmytro Bida competition  Diploma

VinVenti  3 prize

Flute Olympics -2018 gold medal (1 prize + special prize from FCNY)

Finalis competition  gold medal (1 prize)

IMKA -2018 1 prize

Besides competitions Daryna took part in different projects

1st orchestral academy ‘INSO-Lviv’

StreetMusic by Alfa Jazz

and master-classes

Jacques Zoon (Swirzerland-Canada)

Barbara Swiotek-Zelazna (Poland)

Maria Semotiuk (Ukraine-Netherlands)

Toon Fret (Belgium)

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