Irmak Or Turkey

ırmak  or copy.jpg


She was born in 2005 in Antalya. Between 2010 and 2018, he completed his classical ballet education in a stable and successful manner and qualified as a Master Trainer. Between 2013 and 2014, she took private piano lessons with Gül Alayev. As of June 2016, she started studying violin with Can ÖZHAN. The violinist, who made significant progress in a short time, participated in our famous violin virtuoso Prof.Dr.Cihat AŞKIN Afyon CAKA Master Class in 2017 and exhibited an important achievement. and Şeniz AYBULUS participated in master class activities In 2017, the violinist, who received positive criticism by working with Prof. Dr. Pelin HALKACI AKIN within the scope of the studies of Ankara Master Class organized by the Classical Pleasure Association, was awarded the certificate.

In 2018 A.Ü. Antalya State Conservatory Children Orchestra violinist Assoc. She completed her concert studies with Eren GÜLLÜ and violinist Can ÖZHAN. 2018 CAKA and Shlomo Mintz, organized in Budapest, Hungary, and Prof.Dr. Cihat Aşkın has also participated as a jury member in the second International ILONA FEHERViolin Competition and the master class with violinist Atilla ÖKRÖS and Aleksander DİMÇEVSKİ participated in the mastery of the violin. Between 2017 and 2018, she studied solfege and theory with Göktan OKAY. She continues her education life as an eighth grader at Antalya College.

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