Maggiore Piano Trio

The international Maggiore Piano Trio consists of pianist Sharon Niessen (Netherlands),
violinist Anna Britala (Latvia) and cellist Camillo Cabassi (Italy) – three dedicated musicians
with a rich history in both chamber music and as soloists. They have given concerts all over
the world in leading concert halls and have been prizewinners in international competitions.
The trio, with their intensely different backgrounds, has found a connection through music
that characterizes them uniquely.
The three musicians are constantly searching for the most convincing way to communicate
the meaning behind their music to their audience, which in turn often compliments the trio’s
flow of energy and distinct storytelling abilities.
The Maggiore Piano Trio has their main focus in music of the early and late Romantic period,
inspired by imagination and the stories told in music. The colorful and rich sound of Britala’s
French violin and the Italian elegance of Cabassi’s cello – which is built by his father – is a
perfect combination for the repertoire they are playing.
Their repertoire consists of works from Schubert and Brahms to Mendelssohn and Ravel.
With Britala’s background in the Russian school of violin playing, they love playing Eastern
European and Russian repertoire as well.Maggiore Piano Trio staand

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