ALICJA KARCZ was born on October 29, 2008. She’s fifth grader in Ignacy Jan
Paderewski 1st level Comprehensive School of Music in Krakow, Poland
(Elementary School). She has been learning to play piano in the class of Mrs.
Danuta Zielińska for five years. As the piano is her primary passion and interest,
artistic gymnastics is her secondary interest. She practices it since 2015.
Since the early days of her piano education Alicja performs at numerous concerts
and competitions for solo pianists and duets. Together with her best friend
Katarzyna Radwańska they make success piano duo. She takes part in numerous
regional, national and international music competitions of elementary schools
students organized in Poland, either in the duet or solo. Among her
accomplishments are awards in regional and national level competition in Trzciana
(1st prize), in-school piano competition (3rd prize), and international competitions
in music schools in Sanok (2nd prize), Nałęczów (2nd prize), Tymbark (3rd prize)
and distinction awards at international competitions in Libiąż and Kraków.
KATARZYNA (KASIA) RADWAŃSKA was born May 29, 2008. She started to
play piano when she was 5. She continues her education in Ignacy Jan
Paderewski 1st level Comprehensive School of Music in Krakow, Poland
(Elementary School) in the piano class of Mrs. Danuta Zielińska. Now, she is in
fifth grade. She performs in many concerts and competition playing solo and in
duet with her best friend Alicja Karcz. Also, she learns vocal for couple of years.
Her other hobbies are: dancing, tennis and other sports, tailoring (with sewing
machine), painting.
She performs in many public and school concerts and takes part in various music
competitions and festivals since the very beginning of her education. In 2018 she
received a reward of the Mayor of Krakow for outstanding achievements in arts for
her awards received in numerous competitions she took part. Among her recent
awards are 1st prize in competition in Trzciana (duets, 2019), 2nd prize in music
and other arts festival in Nałęczów (duets, 2019), 3rd prize art the international
duet contest in Tymbark (2019), 2nd prize (Silver Virtuoso) in the international
contest in Sanok (2019, solo), and distinction award in the Opus international
comptetition in Kraków (2019)

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